Underlords Proto Pass: How to Level Up & Unlock Rewards, New Board

Guide to Dota Underlords Proto Pass battle pass

Great news Lords of White Spire! The Dota Underlords Proto Pass is now live—for free!

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Proto Pass (Beta), Underlords’ very own battle pass.

What is the Proto Pass and how do I get it? What rewards can we get and how do we level up and unlock them?

Read on to know the answers!

What is Proto Pass in Dota Underlords?

Proto Pass is Underlords’ version of the Battle Pass where you can earn XP, level up and unlock rewards.

It comes with 25 levels which you can earn throughout the entire beta testing season.

Proto Pass rewards daily quests for Dota Underlords 1

At each level in the Proto Pass, you’ll unlock a reward—usually a cosmetic item of some sort, which you can brag to your opponents or friends to show them how far you’ve progressed!

How to get the Underlords Proto Pass

Here’s the best thing about the Dota Underlords battle pass—the Proto Pass costs nothing and is absolutely free!

All players of the Underlords Beta will receive a free Proto Pass.

Just simply login to your account every day, start playing and clearing the two daily challenges to unlock the rewards.

How to Earn XP and Level Up the Proto Pass

There are two ways to earn XP and level up your Proto Pass:

  1. Play Multiplayer or Hardcore Bot games
  2. Complete Daily Quests

Playing Multiplayer or Hardcore bot games will give you a small amount of XP at the end of the match.

There will also be two daily challenges (a.k.a. dailies) every 24 hours. Clearing each daily quest will give you experience points (XP) needed to level up your Proto Pass. The more difficult the quest, the more XP it gives.

New Daily Challenges quests dailies for Dota Underlords Proto Pass

For example, your two daily quests for the day could be:

  1. Gain 300 end-of-turn gold — 500 XP
  2. Cast 800 spells — 1,000 XP

Note that these tasks will only count for Multiplayer and Hardcore bot games! This prevents players to cheat and gain XP faster on the easier bots.

In general, just keep playing Dota Underlords every single day like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll unlock all rewards in no time! Well, it’s not like we’re not already doing that since the beta release, right?

Rewards you can get from Proto Pass

As you gain XP and level up your Proto Pass, lots of exciting rewards await at each of the 25 levels.

Here are some of the interesting rewards you can obtain from the Underlords battle pass.

New Board (Path to Sunbreeze)

Probably our most favorite Proto Pass reward is the new board called Path to Sunbreeze, which can be unlocked at Level 5.

Dota Underlords Path to Sunbreeze new board design reward for Proto Pass

You might have seen those images of alternate boards taken from the game’s files posted on forums like Reddit. This is one of them!

The reward still says “Coming Soon!” on the Proto Pass page though. We can’t wait to try it!

Win Streak and Respawn Effect

Win Streak effects are the effects that show up beside the player names on the left when they’re on winning streaks.

Win Streak and Respawn effects for Dota Underlords Proto Pass

We also get two spawn entrance effects for your units, the Bootlegger and the Verdant entrance.

Player Yo (Ow! and Oi!)

Finally, we can now say other things such as Ow! and Oi!

Player Yo rewards from Dota Underlords Proto Pass

Yo! will also be a classic, though.

Banners and Firework Effects

Dota Underlords Proto Pass banners and firework effects rewards

Portrait Rings

Portrait Rings rewards from Dota Underlords Proto Pass


Remember, this is just Underlords’ testing phase for the Proto Pass. Expect some bugs and don’t forget to send the Valve team your feedback and bug reports so they can prepare it for when Season 1 actually starts!

Are you excited about the Proto Pass? Which rewards are you looking forward to get?

Comment them down below!

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