How to Use & Equip Items in Dota Underlords

How to equip items to your Hero units in Dota Underlords

Items can be equipped to your hero pieces in Dota Underlords. This gives them additional stats to make your units more powerful.

Here’s a guide on how to obtain items and how to equip them to your pieces.

How to get items (Loot Rounds)

In the early rounds of an Underlords match, you’ll first battle against AI creeps instead of players. This is called the Loot Phases. If you win a round during this phase, you’ll get to select one out of three items.

These items can then be equipped to your Hero units to give them bonus status effects and abilities such as increased damage or health points.


How to equip items to heroes

You’ll see the icons of the items you’ve collected on the right side of the screen.

To equip them to your hero pieces, just click and drag & drop it to the hero unit you want to equip it with.

How to use and equip items to your heroes in Dota Underlords

Once equipped, you’ll see the Hero icon next to the circular icon on the right.

You can also check the Heroes deployed on the board to see what items they are equipped with.

Hero units with equipped items in Dota Underlords

To unequip items, just click and drag them to an empty area.


List of Item Effects and Tiers

There are dozens of items in Dota Underlords, each with different unique bonus effects and abilities.

Dota Underlords Auto Chess Tier five items

Items are grouped from Tiers 1 to 5 based on their power and rarity. Higher tiers are rarer and more powerful.

Check out this guide for the Complete List of Items (Tiers and Effects).

Their effects and icons are based off of the actual items in Dota 2, so you might be familiar with some of them if you play the MOBA game.

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