How to Upgrade and Level Up Units in Dota Underlords

How to upgrade and level up units heroes in Dota Underlords

Combining and upgrading your units into two star and three stars is important to make your army more powerful and win more games.

This guide will teach you how to combine and level up your hero units in Dota Underlords.

How to Upgrade Hero Units

To upgrade heroes to the next level in Dota Underlords, you need to buy three pieces of the same hero with the same star level:

  • Three 1-Star ★ heroes —> One 2-Star ★★ hero
  • Three 2-Star ★★ heroes —> One 3-Star ★★★ hero

For example, if you currently own two (2) 1-Star Clockwerks, buying the third 1-Star Clockwerk from the shop will automatically combine the three pieces to upgrade them into one 2-Star Clockwerk.

Purchasing Heroes from the Shop

You can select and purchase heroes from a random pool every round. Leveling up your heroes requires you several pieces of that hero:

  • 2-Star units require 3 pieces of a Hero
  • 3-Star units require 9 pieces of a Hero

Here’s a quick tip: in the hero shop window, you can keep track how many pieces of that Hero with the same level you currently own.

Hero indicator if you can buy a third hero to upgrade

In this screenshot, I currently have two pieces of ★ Tiny on my board.

If a third one appears in the shop, it will be indicated by a glowing border or aura.

So if I purchase this Tiny, I will then have three (3) pieces of ★ Tiny and they will be combined into an upgraded ★★ Tiny.

This UI indicator will make it easier to upgrade and level up your units.

Benefits of Upgrading Heroes

As you might have guessed, heroes get significantly increased stats when they level up. For example, they get a higher health pool (HP) and gain more damage.

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Look at how Axe’s stats doubles and triples when upgraded into 2-Star and 3-Star:

Upgraded Axe stats after leveling up into 2 Star and 3 Stars

Their Alliances and abilities do not change when leveling up.

Additionally, higher level heroes have the benefit of occupying only one slot on the board, since upgrading heroes combines three pieces into one.

This gives you more room to deploy more pieces on the board if you’ve reached your population limit.

Always Fill Up your Bench

Buying new heroes from the shop will put them on your reserve space called the “Bench.”

Dota Underlords bench resrve space and available cells in board to deploy

You should always try to fill up your bench with 1-Star units, especially in the early rounds.

Why? This will increase your chances of obtaining the same 1-Star pieces on the next rounds, allowing you to upgrade and combine them to 2-Stars faster.

If you don’t end up using the 1-Star units, just sell them.

Selling 1-Star units gives you a full refund, so you don’t really lose anything.

Rerolling Heroes in the Shop

If you don’t like the given set of heroes in the shop, you can spend 2 Gold to reset the list. This is called “rerolling.”

But be careful! A common beginner mistake in the game is when players spend too much Gold rerolling in the early rounds.

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2 Gold is very precious during the early game. You should only reroll during mid-late game where you have more Gold and you want to focus on upgrading an important piece.

Don’t Rush 3-Star Units!

Another common newbie mistake in Dota Underlords is focusing on rushing all heroes into 3-Stars. They are more superior after all, right?

Well, the reality is it’s not that simple to get your pieces to Level 3!

That’s because you only get to choose from a random set of heroes each turn. Sometimes you just aren’t that lucky.

A better strategy instead is to focus on getting multiple 2-Star units first.

Having many 2-Star units is easier to achieve and gives you more stability than rushing to create 3-Star units.



Combining your hero pieces is a great way of making your crew more powerful, and even one well-upgraded unit can carry your team to victory!

Follow our tips above and you should be well on your way to becoming a Dota Underlords grand master.

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