How to Install and Play Dota Underlords Mobile (iOS and Android APK)

How to download Underlords Mobile open beta for iOS and Android APK

Dota Underlords mobile, the stand-alone version of the popular Dota 2 custom game “Auto Chess” is finally coming to iOS and Android mobile devices!

Here’s a guide on how to play Dota Underlords mobile on your iPhone and Android devices.

How to Install Dota Underlords Mobile

Dota Underlords will be released on PC (Steam), iOS and Android devices.

The game is currently on open beta and everyone can now download and play Underlords for free on all platforms!

Dota Underlords heroes on auto chess board

Here’s where you can download Underlords for your mobile smartphone.

Dota Underlords Mobile for iOS

For iPhone users, you can download Dota Underlords Mobile for iOS on the App Store.

Dota Underlords Mobile for Android

For Android users, you can download Dota Underlords from the Google Play Store, or download their APK’s provided by Valve on the official Underlords website.

Here are the links to play Dota Underlords on your phone:

How to Play Dota Underlords on PC

If you prefer playing on your desktop computer, you can download the game via Steam:

Dota Underlords for PC via Steam



The game will be running on open beta for a few months. Ranked Play Pre-season will also be available during this time, and Season 1 will start in several months.

Meanwhile, we highly recommend checking out our guides for Dota Underlords:

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