How to Earn Gold and Interest in Dota Underlords

How to earn Gold in Dota Underlords 1

Gold is one of the most important resources in Dota Underlords.

An understanding on how to earn Gold and how to manage your economy properly are the keys to winning Auto Chess games.

This guide will teach you several ways on how to gain Gold, how the Gold interest system works, and how much Gold you can get from win and lose streaks.

Why do you need Gold in Underlords?

Dota Underlords buying hero from shop selection

Gold is a key resource in Dota Underlords. You need to spend Gold to do the following actions in the game:

  1. Buy and Upgrade Heroes (1–5 Gold). At the start of each round, you can purchase hero units with Gold. As the game goes on, rare and expensive but more powerful heroes will start to appear on the shop.
  2. Refresh Hero Selection (2 Gold). You can spend 2 Gold to reset the random set of available heroes for the current round. This is great when you’re building and upgrading a specific unit, or combining Alliance synergies to make your army more powerful. (Related Guide: Alliance Synergy List)
  3. Buy Instant Exp (5 Gold). You’ll gain experience points at the start of each round, but you can spend 5 Gold to buy instant experience and level up faster. Remember, higher levels means you can deploy more unit pieces on the board and an increased chance of getting higher-Tier heroes on the shop. (Related Guide: How to Level Up/Gain EXP)

How to Gain Gold in Underlords

Here are several ways on how to earn Gold in Dota Underlords:

  1. Rounds — At the end of each round you get 1-4 Gold for the first 4 rounds and 5 gold for every round after that
  2. Winning — Winning a fight with a player gives you 1 Gold
  3. Streaks — Win/loss streaks can give you extra 1-3 Gold
  4. Interest — For every 10 gold at the end of the turn you get 1 Gold (capped to 5 at 50 Gold)
  5. Selling — Sell pieces and get a Gold refund depending on their current level

Win/Loss Streaks

Winning or Losing three (3) consecutive player rounds will earn you 1 Gold at the end of the turn.

If you keep this streak going, you’ll get up to 3 bonus Gold per round.


Loot Rounds (i.e. creep rounds) do not affect streaks.

Here’s a tip: you can use loss streaks as a strategy.

Defeat losing screen in Dota Underlords

If you find you’re losing too often in a match, just force more losses and keep the losing streaks so you get bonus gold.

This is much better than alternately winning and losing and you not get any bonus gold at all.

How Gold Interest Works

Dota Underlords has a 10% Gold Interest system where you gain 1 Gold for every 10 Gold you currently own at the end of the turn.

For example, if you currently have 20 Gold then you’ll gain 2 Gold for that turn.

However, you can only gain a maximum of 5 Gold using this method.

Meaning, you only get 5 Gold even if you have 60 or more Gold. At that point, it would make sense to starting spending the excess cash.

This Gold interest system will give you the potential to snowball if you save up and spend Gold wisely during the mid-late game.

During the early game though, you’ll want to invest your money on buying and upgrading pieces and maintain a strong board.


How do you manage your economy and keep a steady stream of Gold in Underlords?

Let us know in the comments below!

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