What does Silence do in Dota Underlords?

How Silence Works in Dota Underlords 1

In Dota Underlords, there are some items, abilities and Alliance effects that can Silence units.

This quick guide will tell you what the Silence effect is in Underlords and how it works.

What is “Silence” in Dota Underlords?

Silence is a status effect that prevents the affected unit from casting active hero spells for the duration of the silence.

When a unit is Silenced, an icon of a white mask with a red “X” in its mouth will appear above the unit:

Silence icon in Dota Underlords

Passive abilities are not affected by the Silence status effect.

Silencing your enemies is very useful to prevent the enemy’s key units from casting their important spells.

For example, Tidehunter’s Ravage or Kunkka’s Ghost Ship are powerful abilities that can secure the round once unleashed.

If you incorporate some form of Silence in your build, such as adding a Doom with a Blink Dagger to your board, you can decrease the chances of your enemy releasing those skills and put the round in your favor.

Does Silence affect passive skills?

Silence doesn’t affect passive skills. All passive abilities will still take effect even if a hero is silenced.

Passive abilities are hero skills that are always on and are automatically enabled without the need to be casted.

Here are some examples of heroes with passive skills in Dota Underlords:

  1. Drow Ranger’s Precision Aura
  2. Anti-Mage’s Mana Break
  3. Luna’s Moon Glaives
  4. Troll Warlord’s Fervor
  5. Crystal Maiden’s Arcane Aura

These passive skills usually give some kind of permanent bonus stats or effects and are therefore not affected when the hero is silenced.

Does Silence affect item passives?

Similar to passive skills, Silence doesn’t affect item passive effects too.

You can assure that all item effects will still work even if the unit is silenced.

All it really ever does is stop units from casting active spells.

How to Silence Units

Here are some ways to Silence units in Dota Underlords.

1. Human Alliance effect

Silenced enemies in Dota Underlords with Human alliance units

Humans are a great counter against spell-heavy lineups as their synergy effect lets them silence enemies with their attacks:

  • 2 Human units gain a 20% Chance to Silence the target for 4 seconds when attacking
  • 4 Human units gain a 44% Chance to Silence the target for 4 seconds when attacking
  • 6 Human units gain a 66% Chance to Silence the target for 4 seconds when attacking

2. Item effects

Some items can give a silence effect to units.

Bloodthorne is a Tier 5 item that Silences a target for 5 seconds if it has more than 75% mana. Attacks against the silenced hero will not miss and will crit for 140%.

Mask of Madness is an item that will Silence its holder permanently, in exchange for 10% Lifesteal and +40 Attack Speed.

Since Silence doesn’t affect passive abilities, Mask of Madness is perfect for heroes with passive only skills such as Drow Ranger, Troll Warlord or Anti-Mage.

Mask of Madness is a pretty strong early-game item if you’re able to negate its downside (the Silence debuff).

3. Hero abilities

Some heroes have abilities that can Silence enemy units.

Axe’s skill Berserker’s Call will taunt all enemy units 1 cell away, Silencing them and forcing them to attack him.

Doom’s active skill, also called Doom, will silence the target for 20 seconds while also taking [60/90/120] damage per second. This is a pretty strong ability that can completely shut down a single target in the board.

Disruptor’s Static Storm skill creates an AoE field that silences all enemy units up to 2 cellls away from his target for [3/4/5] seconds.


Here’s a quick trivia for non-Dota 2 players: there’s a hero in Dota 2 called Silencer whose spells are all about—well you guessed it—silencing his enemies!

Silencer’s ultimate skill is Global Silence that silences ALL enemies for several seconds, great for initiating team fights. We can’t wait to see how Silencer will do in Dota Underlords!

Hopefully you learned something in this article and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below.

Image Credit: Ge Ying from China for the Silencer cover art

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