How Pure Damage Works in Dota Underlords

What is Pure Damage in Dota Underlords guide 2

In Dota Underlords, there are some items and alliance effects that give bonus “Pure Damage.”

Here’s a quick guide to explain what Pure Damage is and how it works.

How does Pure Damage work in Dota Underlords?

There are three types of damage in Underlords. The difference between the three is how damage reduction is applied:

  1. Physical Damage — reduced by Armor
  2. Magical Damage — reduced by Magic Resistance
  3. Pure Damage — reduced by nothing

Pure Damage is simply a damage type that ignores Armor and Magic Resistance. It is neither physical nor magical damage.

Demon Alliance synergy effects Dota Underlords

For a more in-depth guide on how Armor mechanics work, check out this article.

As for the Knights alliance synergy effect, we have yet to confirm if it bypasses the damage reduction buff as well. Knights damage reduction is different from Armor.

Pure Damage Calculation

Here’s a sample calculation for a Pure Damage attack.

Queen of Pain, a Demon type, gets +50% Pure Damage from the Demon alliance effect.

If QoP deals 100 damage from an auto-attack, the actual damage dealt is 100 minus armor reduction, plus 50 from the +50% Pure Damage bonus.

Let’s say QoP wields a Claymore which gives +30 Attack Damage (at current patch). She will now deal 130, less armor reduction, and a bonus 65 of Pure Damage.

Note that the bonus Pure Damage does not affect spell damage. For example, QoP’s scream ability does not gain the +50% bonus damage.

However, there are some hero abilities that deal Pure Damage such as Omniknight’s Purify.

How to Gain Pure Damage

There are several ways to deal Pure Damage or gain Pure Damage bonus for auto-attacks.

Alliance effects that give bonus Pure Damage

All Demon units have an alliance effect that gives them +50% Pure Damage. But this only works if you have one type of Demon unit on the board.

Demon Hunters such as Anti-Mage and Terrorblade also get +50% Pure Damage from their alliance bonus if there are two Demon Hunters on the board.

Demon Hunter Alliance effect Anti Mage Terrorblade Dota Undelords

Speaking of Demon Hunters, their alliance bonus will also invalidate your opponent’s Demon alliance bonus.

Items that give Pure Damage

The item Strange Bedfellows gives 30/40/50% Pure Damage to Demon Hunters for each unique allied Demon unit.

This will make a great combo for the Demon Hunter alliance.

Hero Abilities that deal Pure Damage

There are some hero skills that deal Pure Damage.

For example, Omniknight’s Purify and Enigma’s Midnight Pulse all deal Pure Damage.

Omniknight hero Purification skill Pure Damage Dota Underlords

enigma hero midnight pulse skill Pure Damage Dota Underlords

You can see this information in-game by checking on the “Damage type” section of the hero skill.


Hopefully this little bit of information about Pure Damage can help improve your gameplay.

Got any more questions and feedback? Don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below!

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