How Gold Interest Works in Dota Underlords (Tips & Tricks)

Guide on How Gold Interest Works tips and tricks Dota Underlords

Gold Interest in Dota Underlords is a mechanic that lets you earn more gold with gold. Understanding how it works exactly is essential to winning more games.

This article will explain in detail how the Gold Interest mechanic works in the game.

Then, we’ll teach you some tips and tricks on how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

What is Gold Interest in Dota Underlords?

Gold Interest is one of the several methods to earn gold in the game. For every 10 Gold you currently have, you gain 1 Gold at the start of the next round.

For example, having 25 Gold will give you 2 Gold in the next round.

earning bonus Gold interest at the start of next round

You can only gain a maximum of 5 Gold interest (at 50 Gold). So, if you have 60 Gold, you only get 5 Gold interest and not 6.

Knowing how to manage and maximize your Gold interest is key to building a strong economy and gives you snowball potential in the late game.

How Gold Interest Works in Dota Underlords

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how Gold interest works in Dota Underlords:

  1. Once the Combat Phase starts, the game takes a “snapshot” of your current Gold.
  2. If you win the round, you gain 1 bonus Gold. This is added to the Gold snapshot in #1.
  3. At the start of the next round, take the total of the snapshot Gold including the victory bonus.
  4. For every 10 Gold of the total Gold snapshot, you earn 1 Gold interest.

Most players already know the basics of how interest works—gain 1 Gold for each 10 Gold, capped at 50 Gold.

But knowing these two key points is what separates advanced players from beginners:

  • That interest calculation takes place at the start of the Combat Phase of the match, not the end.
  • That interest calculation includes the 1 Gold bonus for winning a match.

Sample Calculation for Gold Interest

Let’s have an example to make sure you understood how interest calculation works.

Say you have 29 Gold at the start of a round, let’s see what happens in each phase.

  • Preparation — Current Gold: 29
  • Combat starts — Current Gold: 29 / Snapshot: 29
  • Combat — You spent Gold on units and XP during battle. Current Gold: 15 / Snapshot: 29
  • Resolving — You won the round and gain 1 bonus Gold. Current Gold: 16 / Snapshot: 30

Once the next round starts, you’ll gain +3 Gold Interest from the 30 Gold snapshot.

Remember, the game uses the 29 Gold snapshot at the start of Combat phase and the victory bonus of 1 Gold for the interest calculation—not the 16 Gold you currently hold after the match. Keep this in mind!

Now here are some tips and tricks on how to use these knowledge in your decision making.

Tip #1: Get max Gold interest ASAP, then spend excess

In the early to mid game, you’ll want to aim to have 50 Gold to maximize the 5 Gold interest cap.

You can do this by not re-rolling early or by maintaining winning/losing streaks.

Once you hit 50, Gold stops accruing interest and it makes sense to start spending excess Gold on re-rolling, leveling up or buying units.

Your excess Gold has no value if it just sits in your bank on top of the 50 Gold. Buying XP, units, or re-rolling will help you build your army and enable Alliance effects earlier.

Tip #2: Spend Gold once Combat starts

As much as possible, keep your Gold on the nearest interest point (i.e multiple of 10) at least until the Combat phase starts.

Try to hold off on buying a unit that drops you below an interest point (e.g. from 31 to 29) if that unit doesn’t directly go to your board yet.

Since you know it won’t affect your board anyway for the round, just buy it after your Gold is snapshotted.

Here’s a quick example. It’s very tempting to purchase the Lycan to complete a second ★★ Lycan.

Buy Lycan hero unit on Combat Phase to earn Gold Interest

But buying it will drop my Gold from 51 to 48 and I’m not really planning on putting the second ★★ Lycan on the board anyway.

So, I’ll just hold off until my 51 Gold is snapshotted once Combat Phase starts. That way I still get +5 Gold interest on the next round.

Tip #3: Betting a victory for 1 Gold interest

If you have X9 Gold (e.g. 19, 29, 39 etc.) and you’re feeling confident that you can most likely win the next round, you can “bet” on earning 1 Gold interest.

Here’s an example. I currently have 19 Gold. I could sell any of my units to hit the 20 interest point, but I really want to keep all of them.

Victory bonus Gold interest Dota Underlords

I was on a winning streak at this point as my current lineup was pretty strong, so I went with the greedy route and bet that I’d win the round.

Fortunately, I did win and got the 1 Gold victory bonus. This way I still earned a total of +2 Gold Interest (19 snapshot + 1 victory Gold) without losing one of my units.

Also, applying Tip #2, I held off on buying the Lycan until the Combat phase started!


Managing your Gold and maximizing Gold interest are key skills every Dota Underlords player should master.

Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you become the next Lord of White Spire!

Got any questions or feedback? Drop a comment down below!

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