How to Rank Up in Dota Underlords: Ranking System Guide

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How do you rank up in Dota Underlords? Is it possible to rank down? And why did I lose rank levels even when I placed first?!

In this guide we’ll teach you how to rank up and how the ranking system works in Underlords, backed by statements from official Valve guys.

We also list down all the ranking badges (a.ka. medals) and rank tiers that you can earn in the game.


Dota Underlords has a seasonal ranking system where players progress through rank tiers based on their performance in ranked matches.

Rank badges or medals represent the peak skill level of a player in a single season.

Players also have a hidden MMR score used in matchmaking algorithms so that you’re matched with players of the same skill level.

Now, let’s talk about how the ranking system of Underlords works in detail.

Note: At the time of writing Underlords is still in its Beta stages. Information on this page might change over time. We’ll keep this article updated as we get more info!

List of Rank Badges

List of Ranked Play rank badges in Dota Underlords

First, here’s the list of badges that you can achieve in Dota Underlords:

  1. Upstart
  2. Grifter
  3. Outlaw
  4. Enforcer
  5. Smuggler
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Boss
  8. Big Boss

Each rank badge is further divided into five tiers (a.k.a. levels, sub-ranks etc), indicated by colors and roman numerals.

  • Green I
  • Blue II
  • Red III
  • Pink IV
  • Gold V

Quick trivia for non-Dota Auto Chess players: the mod version had a similar ranking system with 6 ranks using names from actual Chess pieces: Pawn, Bishop, Queen, etc.

For Underlords, looks like they are sticking to the underground, crime lore.

Leaderboards — Lords of White Spire

Lords of White Spire ranking Dota Underlords Leaderboard

Ranking up beyond Big Boss V will give you the title Lord of White Spire and you’ll rank among the top players in the Dota Underlords Leaderboards.

Players in this rank will be ordered by their Solo Rank MMR.

How the Ranking System works in Dota Underlords

(Sources: Valve and StatsmanBruno)

Players start with the Upstart I rank and a hidden MMR rank score.

This score is used to determine your badge and is also used for the matchmaking algorithm.

Winning and losing games will cause you to rank up or down based on a number of factors explained below.

Initial Calibration

The game will first calibrate your MMR and Rank on your first 25 games.

(Note: All multiplayer games are ranked during the current beta’s Preseason.)

During the calibration phase, your MMR will fluctuate a lot and since your MMR is what gives you your ranks, you’ll also see your ranks fluctuate and go up easily.

After calibration, your MMR and rank will become more stable and you’ll start to rank up more slowly.

How to rank up in Dota Underlords

To rank up in Underlords, you have to win games or at least place at the top of a match.

Progress through the five tiers of a rank to get promoted to the next rank.

How to rank up in Dota Underlords Big Boss tier I

Specifically, to gain rank score in the game you must:

  • Place Top 6 in a match (for Upstarts)
  • Place Top 4 in a match (for Grifters and above)

However, you can still lose rank based on several factors. If you finished below a player with a lower rank than you, you might still lose rank.

It makes sense too—the game punishes you if you lost to someone who is supposedly “weaker” than you.

How is MMR calculated?

According to Valve, it depends on the following factors:

  • ranks of all players in the game
  • your final placement in the match
  • and the value of your rank uncertainty (i.e. the more games you play, the more “certain” your rank)

The game predicts where we are estimated to place in a match, and we gain or lose MMR based on our performance compared to where we actually place.

Can I rank down in Underlords?

You can’t rank down on a Badge (ex. you can’t drop from Grifter to Upstart).

However, you can rank down on badge tiers or levels (ex. II to I). You’ll also lose MMR regardless of your ranks.

Defeat losing screen in Dota Underlords

For example, if you’re Grifter I and lost a lot of games, you won’t drop to Upstart V but your MMR will keep on dropping.

So, it might take more wins before you gain rank levels again as your MMR catches up back to your tier.

Valve explained that this was a balance between “punishing” players for too many losses, and losing the sense of accomplishment from achieving a higher peak score in a season.

Seasonal Recalibration

A ranked play season will last for several months. Dota 2 for example has a length of around 6 months (half a year) for each season.

At the start of every season, all rankings will be recalibrated. Valve hasn’t confirmed how it works yet, but said that it’ll most probably be:

  • Soft reset for MMR score—the game will add a bit of uncertainty to your score and will be pulled back to the average a bit.
  • Hard reset for medals—your badges will go back to Upstart I and will be recalibrated.

Since you can’t rank down to lower ranks, it means that your rank badges are an indication of your peak performance for the current season, while your hidden MMR is your actual current score.

When does Ranked Play Season 1 start?

At the time of writing, Dota Underlords is still in open beta. All multiplayer games are automatically ranked matches.

The Preseason will run during this phase, and Underlords Season 1 will officially begin in a few months.

We’ll update this page as soon as we get an official date for the start of Ranked Play Season 1!


What do you think about the ranking system for Underlords? Do you like the rank medal names? Comment down your thoughts below!

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Good luck!

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