Dota Underlords: Hotkeys & Keyboard Shortcuts List

Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcuts list for Dota Underlords PC

Dota Underlords is an in-depth strategy game which requires lots of interaction with the interface.

Luckily you can use hotkeys and shortcuts to let you execute your battle plans more smoothly.

Here’s a list of all default keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys that you can use in the game.

Hero Shop Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • Q Key * – Lock Heroes in shop
  • R Key * – Reroll Heroes in shop for 2 Gold
  • T Key *Buy experience for 5 Gold
  • Spacebar – Toggles the Hero Shop on/off
  • 1-5 Number Keys –  Purchase Hero of that position in the Shop

* Works while the shop is closed.

Menu Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • I Key – Open Items panel
  • O Key – Open Damage Stats panel
  • P Key – Open Alliances panel
  • U Key – Open Items Panel but with an item automatically selected. Use arrow keys to move up or down. Press Enter to put you into equip mode, then use arrows keys to select a Hero to equip the item to.
  • Mouse Wheel – Scroll through the Panels

Combat Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • A/S Key – Swap the view of the board between yours and your enemies

Hero Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • W Key – Move selected Hero to the bench reserve
  • E Key – Sell selected Hero
  • Right Mouse Button – Move selected Hero to your cursor’s location
  • Arrow Keys – Select Heroes on the board. Press Enter to select a hero, use Arrow Keys to move the hero, then press Enter again to place it

General Hotkeys

  • Y Key – Open Emote wheel. Allows you to send a message to your opponents from a limited set of options.
  • 1-3 (4) Keys – Select available Item in that slot (4 with Embarrassment of Riches Global Item)
  • F1 Key – Show your board
  • Tab Key – Show the next player’s board, going from top to bottom based on your current player selection
  • Number Pad Keys – Show the player’s board in that position

How to Customize Hotkeys in Dota Underlords

If you don’t like the default hotkeys, you can edit and customize them.

Just go to the Options section in the game client.

Dota Underlords Hotkeys and Keyboard Shortcuts options page

You can also toggle the Interface Mode here, whether you prefer the PC or Mobile UI.



Learning these hotkeys will save you lots of time interacting with the game’s interface in Dota Underlords, a game where every single second counts.

Try to always use shortcuts as much as possible until you master them and you’ll become the Big Boss in no time!

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