Do Global Items Stack? Here’s what you need to know.

Do Global items stack in Dota Underlords 1

Do Global items stack in Dota Underlords? How do we know which items stack and which don’t?

If you’re offered an item you already own a second time, do you take it or will it be a waste?

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about item stack effects in Underlords!

Disclaimer: The game is in its beta stages at the time of writing and information in this article might change in a future patch. We’ll try our best to keep this page updated!

Do Global item effects stack in Dota Underlords?

The short answer is yes, some Global items do stack.

If an item you already own appears again in the item pool during a Loot Round, it means that the item’s passive effects CAN stack if you obtain several copies of it.

So, if you take multiple copies of an item, you can know for sure that it’s not wasted and it has an added benefit, whether it’s the bonus stats or an increased duration for example.

If Global items stack, they will appear in item selection multiple times

Here’s a quote from one of the developers from Valve:

“Rule of thumb: If the game offers you more than one copy of the item, it stacks. If it doesn’t look like it’s stacking, then it is bugged.

We do have items tagged as DO NOT STACK, and so they are not offered more than once.”


Some Global items DO NOT stack!

For some items, the passive effects don’t really stack, or stacking its effects is useless.

For example, if you hold a Recruiter item, your first re-roll will be free. Since you only have one “first re-roll,” it doesn’t make sense to have more than one copy of Recruiter.

Fortunately, these Global items that do not stack (or stacking is not needed) are not offered a second time from the item pool if you are already holding one.

So you can assure that all items that appear multiple times on the shop are stackable.

This will prevent you from making mistakes of getting multiple copies of items that don’t stack their effects.

Examples of Global items that Stack ✅

Here are some examples of Global items in Unerlords that have interesting stacking effects:

Forged in Battle

This item increases Brawns’ max health by +50 each time they kill units.

Beastmaster with lots of HP gained from Forged in Battle global item stacking effects

Having multiple copies of Forged in Battle, like u/fandorgaming in this screenshot, gives your Brawnies huge (!) amounts of HP.

Indomitable Will

This item reduces duration of debuffs on Humans by 50% less. Having two means 100% reduced debuff duration, or zero!

This means Humans won’t be affected by any debuffs like Stuns or Silences.

Since a third Indomitable Will doesn’t make sense (150% less debuff duration), you won’t get offered a third copy if you already own two.

Elusive Targets

This Global item gives your Elusive units invisibility for 3 seconds and having two copies increases this duration to 6 seconds! Elusive indeed.


Having two Retaliates will increase the damage per second from 80 to 160, dealing a total of 480 damage over the 3 second duration.

Examples of Global items that DO NOT Stack ❌

Here are some more examples of Global items that don’t have stacking effects and thus won’t show up again if you already own them:

  • Embarrassment of Riches

  • Age of Chivalry

  • Fall from Grace

  • A Higher Class of Criminal

  • Final Flash

  • Friends and Family Discount

  • Recruiter

  • Radiance

  • Smuggler



As you learned in this article, some Global items in Dota Underlords do stack, while some don’t, or it just doesn’t make sense to stack their effects.

Just remember the rule of thumb—if a Global item appears again after obtaining a copy, it definitely is stackable!

Which Global items have you tried stacking? Do you think some of these stack effects are overpowered and should be nerfed?

Drop a comment down below!

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