Top 5 Best Builds in Dota Underlords (July 2019 Meta)

Dota Underlords best builds team compositions July 2019 meta

A key strategy to winning more games in Underlords is to have powerful Alliance synergies and combos.

While individual Alliance effects are great on their own, some Alliances just have better synergies and combos when paired with certain builds and units.

Here are our Top 5 best builds and strategies in Dota Underlords for the current meta (July 2019).

Use these team compositions in your next games and watch your win rates and rankings go up.

1. Knights and Trolls Build

This build is composed of all 6 Knights and 4 Trolls, a total of 9 units since Batrider is in both alliances.

The Knights & Trolls build takes advantage of a tanky, defensive Knight lineup thanks to their alliance synergy, while the Trolls’ increased attack speed effect will compensate for their lack of damage.

This build might suffer a bit during the early-mid game before getting a Troll Warlord to complete the lineup. But when it goes online with at least 4 Knights and 4 Trolls, that’s when it starts to wreck your enemies.

A good 10th late-game unit would be Necrophos which triggers two more synergies, Heartless and Warlock. His heals are a great addition to the already beefy lineup, too.

Hero Lineup:

  • Chaos Knight, Dragon Knight, Abaddon, Omniknight, Batrider, Luna
  • Shadow Shaman, Witch Doctor, Troll Warlord, Necrophos

Synergies: 6 Knights, 4 Trolls, 2 Human, 2 Heartless, 2 Warlock, 1 Demon
Items: Coordinated Assault (Troll Global), Age of Chivalry (Knight Global)

2. Hunters and Warriors Build

This build allows you to deal a lot of damage and take down targets one by one. Get 6 Hunters on the board with at least 3 Warriors to protect them.

Position your squishy hunters in a Box formation in the corner of the board to defend them from Assassins, and to make use of Drow’s Precision Aura which gives bonus attack speed to units 1 cell away. (Related: Basic Unit Formations Guide)

One cool thing about the Hunters + Warriors build is it consists of several of the most powerful individual units with game-changing abilities like Medusa, Tidehunter, Kunkka and Doom. Try to trigger their spells as soon as possible. (Related: How to Gain Mana Guide)

Get a Pudge on the board to trigger the Heartless’s reduced armor aura with Drow, increasing your overall physical damage output. Gyrocopter is a decent addition in the late-game too, which synergies with Sniper’s Deadeye alliance effect.

Hero Lineup:

  • Drow Ranger, Medusa, Windranger, Mirana, Tidehunter, Sniper
  • Pudge, Kunkka, Doom
  • Gyrocopter

Synergies: 6 Hunters, 3 Warriors, 2 Heartless, 1 Demon, 2 Deadeye
Items: Hunter’s Focus (Hunter Global), Unstoppable (Warrior Global), Mask of Madness, DPS items

3. Knights and Dragons Build

This build is very similar to the Knights and Trolls build, but instead of the Trolls doing the damage, one hero will carry your whole team, and his name is made up of the two main alliances for this build—Dragon Knight!

Get all 6 Knights for a super beefy defensive frontline. Then add in one more Dragon, preferably Viper, to trigger the Dragon synergy effect. This will let Dragon Knight transform into the Elder Dragon form at the start of the round, ready to burn all your enemies into ash.

In the late game, add in a Necrophos to enable the Heartless effect. Finally, get a 2nd Warlock, preferably Enigma or Alchemist, to trigger the Warlock alliance effect.

Hero Lineup:

  • Dragon Knight, Viper
  • Chaos Knight, Batrider, Luna, Omniknight, Abaddon
  • Necrophos/Enigma/Warlock

Synergies: 6 Knights, 2 Dragons, 2 Heartless, 2 Warlock
Items: Fall From Grace, Dragon’s Hoard (Dragon Global)

4. Mages, Knights, and Dragons Build

Knights are just so freaking good in this patch, and they are a great complement to protect a squishy Mage lineup.

For this build, your damage output will mostly come from your Mages’ powerful spells that deal quick bursts of magical damage. Lich, Keeper of the Light and Razor all deal enormous amounts of AoE damage too.

A 6 Mages lineup is almost always required for this build to trigger the -100% Magic Resistance debuff, which is essential when facing defense-heavy builds such as Knights. Remember, the Knights’ damage reduction buffs apply for magical damage too.

The Knights + Mages lineup can also trigger two supplementary alliances by adding in just one hero—the almighty Dragon Knight!

DK will enable the Dragon synergy with Puck, as well as the 4 Human effect which allows your attacks to Silence enemy targets. In addition, his Breathe Fire skill benefits from the reduced magic resistance buff from the Mage synergy.

You can swap some of the Knights for Humans to trigger the 6 Humans alliance, great for disabling your enemies’ spells.

Finally, don’t hesitate to trade Knights for high-tier units with powerful magic damage in the late game. Gyro, Shadow Fiend and Disruptor are some examples that can benefit from the reduced magic resistance buff.

Hero Lineup:

  • Lich, Keeper of the Light, Crystal Maiden, Lina, Razor, Puck
  • Dragon Knight, Omniknight, Abaddon, Chaos Knight
  • Optional/Trade: Kunkka, Disruptor, Gyrocopter, Shadow Fiend

Synergies: 6 Mages, 4 Knights, 4 Humans, 2 Dragons, 2 Heartless, 1 Demon
Items: Final Flash, Fall from Grace, Mana regen items (Arcane Boots, Booch of the Aggressor)

5. Assassins, Druids and Elusives Build

Let’s stray away from the Knights meta this time and talk about an Assassin build!

The Assassins + Druids + Elusives build focuses on taking down the enemies’ DPS units in the backlines.

The Assassin alliance’s increased critical strike rates and damage will allow you to burst down vulnerable targets one by one before they unleash their spells and deal significant damage to your team.

Two Druids will act as your frontline defense and soak up all the damage while your sneaky, stealthy units focus on their assassinations. Treant and Enchantress’s healing abilities will also help your units to survive a bit longer.

Start with the basic 1-cost units like Bounty Hunter and Bloodseeker in the early game along with some Druids to tank and heal. Then, swap them later with the more powerful Assassins like Phantom Assassin and Templar Assassin.

Gear up your Assassins with attack speed items such as Mask of Madness and Moon Shard to increase the chances of triggering the critical strikes.

Add in a 2nd Scaled hero like Tidehunter or Medusa if you’re facing a lot of magic damage enemies. Otherwise, keep rolling and aim to upgrade your units into 2-3 Stars.

Hero Lineup:

  • Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin, Slark, Morphling, Sand King, Queen of Pain
  • Treant Protector, Enchantress/Lone Druid
  • Optional: Tidehunter/Medusa

Synergies: 6 Assassins, 3 Elusives, 2 Druids, 2 Savage, 1 Demon
Items: Pocket Sand (Assassin Global), ASPD items (Mask of Madness, Moon Shard)


Which composition builds is your favorite for the current patch? What Alliances do you think are overpowered or underrated in this meta?

Drop a comment down below!

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